Bio Corinne Scrivens was born and raised in sunny Southern California, growing up with a love of video games and a passion for art. After college she moved up to less sunny Seattle to pursue a career that could combine these interests and joined the game industry in 2008. She got her start in game art at ArenaNet working on characters for Guild Wars 2. From there she joined Bungie and worked her way up to Senior Character Artist creating iconic characters like Eris, Amanda Holliday and Petra Venj for the Destiny franchise. Currently she is a Principal Artist at Polyarc having fun working on a little bit of everything developing VR games like Moss. When she’s not making games or art Corinne can be found exploring the Pacific Northwest with her husband or spoiling her dog Boba.


Engaging VR Storytelling: A 'Moss' Postmortem

Game Developers Conference 2019

A postmortem of Moss that covers our studios approach to narrative, developing with a small team and using constraints to generate creativity.

  • Top 8 Design Track Talk
  • Top 10% of all conference sessions
  • Awarded a spot in the GDC speaker deck of cards honoring top ranked speakers of that year

Creating a New Reality: Tales from VR Development

Penny Arcade Expo 2019

Panel on what it is like to create VR games. Included as a panelist alongside developers from other VR games like Rec Room, Falcon Age, Brass Tactics, Robo Recall Unplugged, etc.


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"Developer Perspective: Creating Compelling Characters with Corinne Scrivens of Polyarc", Oculus Developer Blog, April 2019